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Green No Thoughts Frog - Shoe Charm


Step up your shoe game with the "Green No Thoughts Frog - Shoe Charm" a delightful accessory that brings a touch of carefree whimsy to your footwear. These charming shoe charms feature a serene green frog embodying the blissful "no thoughts" mindset, perfect for adding a playful and peaceful flair to your favorite pair of shoes. Crafted with durability and vibrant colors, these frog shoe charms are ideal for frog enthusiasts, lovers of quirky accessories, and anyone looking to infuse their daily wear with a dash of joy and lightheartedness. Embrace the "Green No Thoughts Frog" shoe charms and hop into each day with a smile and a spring in your step.

*Other charms shown are sold seperate* 

Product Details

  • ♡ Shoe charms for use with foam clogs
  • ♡ Made with PVC rubber
  • ♡ Designed with love by Peachie Kei!