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Friend the Frog Mochi Plushie ✦ Stuffed Froggie Friend



About this product:

Leap into a world of squishy comfort with "Friend the Frog Mochi Plushie" by Rainylune, a delightfully soft and adorable plush toy that's bound to become your cozy companion. Inspired by the Japanese mochi's soft and huggable texture, this plushie captures the essence of a friendly frog with its big, inviting eyes and a warm, welcoming smile. Perfect for plush enthusiasts, frog lovers, and anyone in need of a cuddly buddy, Friend the Frog offers the ultimate snuggle experience, making it an ideal addition to your plush collection or a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Designed by the creative minds at Rainylune, this Mochi Plushie is not just a toy, but a symbol of friendship and comfort, ready to offer a soothing presence during movie nights, study sessions, or peaceful bedtime moments. Embrace the soft embrace of Friend the Frog and let this charming plushie hop right into your heart.

Additional information:
  • 12 inches (30.5 cm)
  • Not for kids under 14 or pets (he might be a bad influence on young & impressionable minds)
  • A very good and very big boy