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Frog Two-Way Plushie Backpack


Leap into your day with the ultimate companion, the "Frog Two-Way Plushie Backpack," a versatile and adorable accessory that combines the practicality of a backpack with the charm of a plush frog. Perfect for those who adore unique, animal-themed items and seek both comfort and style in their accessories, this high-quality backpack offers ample space for essentials while doubling as a cuddly friend. Its innovative two-way design allows you to switch between a playful plushie and a functional backpack, making it ideal for students, travelers, and anyone with a soft spot for cute and practical designs. Embrace the joy and utility of the Frog Two-Way Plushie Backpack, and make every journey a little more fun and a lot more kawaii.

About this product

Frog Bag is ready for adventure!

  • 22" Tall x 12" Wide
  • 3mm pile Minky
  • Applique and Embroidered features
  • Foam Body Pouch
  • 8.5" Zipper
  • 8" Deep Pocket
  • Small Pocket on Belly
  • 40.5" - 75" Adjustable Strap
  • Two-Way Attachment Style for Strap Original Design by Ugly Plants