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ADHD King & Queen - Acrylic Charm - Cute Sparkly Neurodivergent Accessory Keychain Gift Spectrum Awareness and Support: ADHD King

About this product:

Show off your neurodivergence with pride! These Autism King and Queen keychains are great for anyone on the spectrum who wants to feel proud about who they are! 

Additional information:
  • Each acrylic charm is approximately 2.5” on its longest side.
  • Acrylic charms are durable and are great to accessorize any backpacks, bags, keys, lanyards, and more!
  • Any flat acrylic sides of the charm will come with a protective film. 
  • If you see any bubbles or scratches on the charm, that is actually the film doing its job! You can peel off this film at any time.