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Happy/Sad Ice Cream Cone ✦ Hard Enamel Pin

 About this product:

Are you feeling happy, sad... a combination of both? You're not alone! With this happy/sad hard enamel pin you'll be able to combine the joy of eating ice cream with the melancholy of having it melt all over your hands! This little cutie is the perfect accessory for your backpack, clothing, and pinboards!

Additional information:
  • Includes one hard-enamel pin
  • Black nickel plating
  • 1.5" at the longest point
  • 2 black metallic clasps
  • Thick and durable material
  • Each pin comes with a backing card and sealed in a plastic pouch

This pin is B-grade quality, or "seconds", which means that they each have an imperfection. The flaws themselves are pretty minor, and don't affect the pin's functionality in any way. Flaws include: small discolored specks in the enamel and minor dents.