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Banana Cat ✦ Acrylic Charm ✦ Kawaii Keychain

About this product:

Brighten your day with the quirky and delightful "Banana Cat Acrylic Charm"! This unique piece combines the whimsy of a playful cat snugly tucked inside a banana peel, making it an irresistible addition to any cat lover's collection. Crafted with durable acrylic, this charm captures the essence of kawaii culture, perfect for personalizing bags, keychains, or as a cute companion on your daily adventures. Ideal for those who adore feline friends and fun, fruity designs, the Banana Cat Charm is a must-have accessory that brings a smile and a touch of whimsy wherever you go.

Additional information:
  • Roughly 2 inches
  • Double Sided
  • Yellow Clasp
  • Some charms come with a protective film to prevent scratches in transport. Make sure to peel the film!