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Caribbean Mermaid ✦ Enamel Pin

About this product:

Dive into the enchanting depths of collectible flair with the "Caribbean Mermaid Enamel Pin," a limited edition item that captures the mystical allure of the ocean's most captivating inhabitant. This exquisite enamel pin brings to life a stunning Caribbean Mermaid, adorned with vibrant hues and intricate details reminiscent of the clear, sunlit waters of the Caribbean Sea. A must-have for pin collectors, mermaid enthusiasts, and lovers of all things nautical and fantastical, this pin is not just an accessory—it's a piece of art that invites you to embrace the magic of the sea and the legends that dwell within. With its limited edition status, the Caribbean Mermaid Pin is a treasure trove of exclusivity, offering a unique piece to add to your collection or gift to someone special. Secure your piece of oceanic mythology and let the Caribbean Mermaid Pin be a beacon of creativity and wonder in your ensemble.

Additional information:
  • Yellow gold hard enamel
  • 1.75" wide
  • 9 colors