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Chamuka the Kitty Phone Grippy ✦ Phone Grip

About this product:

Secure your phone in style with "Chamuka the Kitty Phone Grippy" by Basura Gang, an adorable and functional accessory designed for cat lovers and tech enthusiasts alike. This charming phone grip features Chamuka, a delightful kitty character known for its playful spirit and cute appearance, brought to life with vibrant colors and expressive details. Made by the creative minds at Basura Gang, this phone grippy not only adds a layer of security to your device, preventing slips and falls, but also infuses your daily tech use with a dose of kawaii charm. Whether you're texting, taking selfies, or watching videos, Chamuka the Kitty Phone Grippy ensures a comfortable hold and a stand-out look. Ideal for anyone looking to personalize their device with a touch of whimsy and functionality, this phone grippy is a purr-fect blend of style and utility.

Additional information:
  • Acrylic and Epoxy phone charm
  • Comes with protective film that must be removed when received
  • 7.8 x 6.5 cm ♡