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Son the Frog Ita Bag - Mini

Color - Mint

Leap into style with the "Son the Frog Ita Bag - Mini," a charmingly compact accessory available in an array of cheerful colors including mint, yellow, pink, and purple. Perfect for enthusiasts of kawaii culture and fans of amphibian cuteness, this mini froggy Ita bag features a delightful way to showcase your favorite pins and charms. Its small size and vibrant color options make it a versatile and eye-catching addition to any outfit, ensuring you carry your essentials in the most adorable manner. Whether you're stepping out for a casual day or heading to a fan convention, the "Son the Frog Ita Bag - Mini" is your go-to for a splash of fun and a dash of personality in your accessory game.

About this product

  • A crossbody purse of Son the Frog. 
  • vegan leather
  • can fit an entire Nintendo Switch Lite inside. can fit a normal Switch if you remove the joycons.
  • perfect for carrying your phone, wallet, keys, and a piece of lint. maybe 2.
  • clear window in the front allows you to display your pins, merchandise, or whatever other little shiny goblin trinkets you might collect without worrying about them falling off!  


  • a very handsome frog flap that resembles Son the Frog’s face. 
  • 2 magnetic button closures.
  • lift the frog to access the main compartment.
  • interior contains one open pocket, and one zip pocket with a star shaped zipper pull.
  • comes with a tiny knife keychain (to commit crimes with) and 2 ita inserts