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Frog & Duck Sliding Dango Pin āœ¦ Interactive Enamel Pin



About this product:

Friend the Frog and Komomorebi's mascot Baby have disguised themselves as dango šŸ”

Leap into a world of whimsy with the "Frog & Duck Sliding Dango Pin," an interactive enamel pin that brings together the playful charm of a friendly frog and a cheerful duck with the delightful sweetness of dango. This unique pin not only captivates with its adorable design but also entertains with its sliding feature, allowing the frog and duck to glide along the dango stick, adding an element of interactive fun to your pin collection. Perfect for enthusiasts of Japanese culture, lovers of kawaii aesthetics, and fans of interactive accessories, this pin transforms any attire or pin board into a scene of playful camaraderie. Crafted with vibrant colors and a glossy finish, the Frog & Duck Sliding Dango Pin is a must-have for those looking to infuse their collection with a touch of innovation, joy, and culinary cuteness.

Additional information:
  • 2.3 inch hard enamel pin
  • 2 pink heart rubber backs
  • The dango slides up and down the stick (but won't slide off)
  • Very fun to wiggle and fidget with