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Monstera Leaf - Shoe Charm


Step up your footwear game with the "Monstera Leaf Shoe Charm," a chic and botanical-inspired accessory designed to add a touch of greenery to your steps. Ideal for plant lovers, fashion enthusiasts, and anyone looking to infuse a bit of nature into their wardrobe, this high-quality charm captures the intricate beauty of the Monstera leaf. Its durable design and vibrant detailing make it a perfect adornment for sneakers, laces, or any shoe that could use a dash of tropical flair. Whether you're strolling through the city or heading to a garden party, the "Monstera Leaf Shoe Charm" is your way to carry a piece of the jungle with you, marrying style and nature in every stride.

*Other charms shown are sold seperate* 

Product Details

  • ♡ Shoe charms for use with foam clogs
  • ♡ Made with PVC rubber
  • ♡ Designed with love by Peachie Kei!