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Froga Lisa Enamel Pin


Adorn your collection with the masterpiece of whimsy, the "Froga Lisa Enamel Pin," a clever and captivating fusion of classic art and amphibian charm. This unique pin reimagines the iconic Mona Lisa with a playful frog twist, making it a must-have for art enthusiasts, frog lovers, and fans of humorous, creative designs. Crafted with vibrant colors and intricate detailing on high-quality enamel, the Froga Lisa Pin adds a touch of Renaissance flair and lighthearted fun to any outfit, bag, or pinboard. Perfect for those who appreciate art with a twist, the Froga Lisa Enamel Pin is your ticket to showcasing your sophisticated yet playful taste in accessories.

Enamel Pin Specifications:

  • 45mm at longest point
  • Backstamped Toku Arts logo
  • Double Posted for stability
  • Rubber Clutches
  • Zinc Alloy Metal (May contain trace amounts of nickel) Recessed Frame Details