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Man, I Love Frogs Enamel Pin


Leap into the world of amphibian admiration with the "Man, I Love Frogs Enamel Pin," a vibrant and whimsical accessory that celebrates the charm and allure of our favorite pond-dwelling friends. Perfect for frog enthusiasts, nature lovers, and collectors of quirky pins, this high-quality enamel pin features a playful design that captures the essence of frog love in every detail. Whether adorning your lapel, backpack, or hat, this pin is sure to spark conversations and bring a smile to fellow frog fans. Its durable construction and vivid colors make it a lasting addition to any collection, ensuring your froggy affection is proudly displayed for years to come. Embrace your passion for these fascinating creatures with the "Man, I Love Frogs Enamel Pin" and hop into a stylish tribute to the natural world.


  • Hard enamel 50mm At widest point
  • Backstamped with Toku Arts logo
  • Gold Colored Metal Finish
  • 2 Back posts Rubber backings