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Rainy Days Frog Pin


Embrace the serene beauty of precipitation with the "Rainy Days Frog Pin," a charming accessory that captures the peaceful essence of a frog enjoying a gentle shower. Perfect for those who find joy in rainy weather, nature enthusiasts, and collectors of adorable amphibian-themed items, this high-quality enamel pin features a content frog under an umbrella, symbolizing comfort and tranquility amidst the drizzle. Its vibrant colors and intricate design add a touch of whimsy to any outfit, bag, or pin collection, making it a delightful addition for anyone who loves to celebrate the soothing ambiance of rainy days. Let the "Rainy Days Frog Pin" be a reminder of the calm and renewal that comes with every raindrop.


  • A clear enamel pin featuring froggy and hydrangeas in bloom.
  • Hard enamel pin
  • Gold plated
  • Clear enamel background
  • Width: 35mm

Rainy season, or 梅雨 “tsuyu”, runs from June to mid July in most parts of Japan. The kanji used are “plum” and “rain” respectively, as plums ripen during this season.  Hydrangeas are also associated with this period as their colorful bloom coincides with the cloudy days of June.