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Ramen Cat Pin


Indulge in the ultimate fusion of culinary delight and feline charm with the "Ramen Cat Pin," a delectably designed enamel accessory for foodies and cat lovers alike. This high-quality pin captures the whimsical sight of a content cat blissfully nestled in a bowl of ramen, combining a love for hearty noodles with adorable cat antics. Its vibrant colors and playful imagery make it a perfect addition to any outfit, bag, or pin collection, serving up a daily dose of cuteness and culinary joy. Whether you're a ramen enthusiast, a cat aficionado, or simply in search of a unique and eye-catching accessory, the "Ramen Cat Pin" is your ticket to a world where flavor and fun intertwine.


  • A foodie cat soaking in his favorite miso ramen!
  • Featuring soft and savory chashu, ajitama egg, menma and nori, this meticulously designed pin is sure to bring a smile to the face of any ramen lover! 
  • Hard enamel pin
  • Gold plated
  • Width: 32 mm