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Would You Still Love Me Worm Button


Question the depths of affection with the whimsical "Would You Still Love Me Worm Button," a playful yet profound accessory that delves into unconditional love. This charming button, featuring a cute worm and a heartwarming inquiry, is perfect for those who appreciate humor in their expressions of love and companionship. Its unique design makes it a standout addition to jackets, bags, or pin collections, sparking conversations and smiles wherever you go. Whether as a quirky gift or a personal emblem of love's quirky side, the "Would You Still Love Me Worm Button" invites wearers and onlookers alike to consider the strength and resilience of true affection, no matter the form.

✿ 1.75" across

✿ Metal backing with pin to attach to whatever you'd like!

✿ Colors may appear different depending on the screen calibration

✿ Designed and pressed by hand - each button will have slightly different image placement due to the handmade nature of the item